What is a bitcoin

Learn more about what is a bitcoin and its salient features

Information technology developed at high ranges offering people to save time and money using it. One such development is introduction of bitcoins that made transactions more easily for business people and other online money dealers. It was first introduced by Wei Dai in 1998 and later developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. He designed and provided specifications the currency used in this script are called crypto currency. Users are confused what is a bitcoin and why should I use it. It is nothing but a computer program or mobile application that allows for money transactions through easy and secured mode.

It is specified with many codes and one such unique feature of it is change programming of the software and come up with new versions by individuals at any point of time. There is no significant authority that checks over the process. Each individual is allotted with wallets of specific address where they receive and send money with an eye check of digital signatures. Some of the advantages of bitcoin are safe secured mode of payment, less risk involvement, liberty of the regulator accompanied with less fee charges.

What is a bitcoin

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